Website Redesigned (Again!)

June 11, 2024 at 12:30 AM
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Another website redesign?!?

Yeah, I decided to redesign this site again. I actually had plans to complete the 2021 version for a while, but I decided to scrap that. I mean if you take a look at it, the website pretty much incomplete like the blog, downloads page, and about section were missing if you compare with the 2020 version (though I removed blogs during the 2020 version).

These were originally planned, but it became complicated to implement and integrate. The core concept of the website is that there was no navigation bar, so I wasn’t sure how navigation would work. Another thing is that this website was originally meant to be a long single page, and of course I wouldn’t know how to implement that either. As you can see I had pretty ambitious plans for this site in 2021, but they ended up being canned.

2021 Website Prototype on Figma

2021 and 2022 Website Redesign 2020 Website Redesign

What’s different with this new website?

This new website pretty much combined stuff that worked in the past. Things like the navbar, cards (from Projects), and the icons in the homepage. There are some things added in this that was not in past websites, like the contacts page which was pretty much the solution of the icons being crowded during the 2021 website, and a guestbook, it is basically feedback on my website, you can use to send me nice messages, or perhaps share stuff.

Why do you continue with creating a website, why don’t you just use a website builder?

The reason is that this is a personal website, I get to create things myself and not depend on a third party to do stuff for me. I want to write my own theme, and entire infrastructure myself without needing to use a bloated builder that would add unnecessary junk and javascript to the site. I have always wanted to make my own site, and I think I have done so, which fulfills my childhood dream to create my own website.

Also by creating a website, I would always try to improve it and make it better than the last one, and I am happy to say that this new site is way better than any of my previous ones.


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